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Smokey whiskey

I am big fan of Islay whiskey and especially I the like smokey ones. I wanted to try something new and this was my choice. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This is not as smokey as Islay whiskeys but still very good. I'll buy this again.

Great whiskey

As an it professional I had to give this a try. I'm glad that I tried because this is a great whiskey. Taste is balanced and very pleasant. I recommend to give this one a try.

peninon peninon

De prime abord ,le nez est marqué par le cognac ,c est en bouche qu il se montre très rond et gourmand laissant pleinement s exprimer tous ses arômes. A déguster et re-deguster.

Mack by Mackmyra
Rudolf Rempel
Immer wieder gerne

Lief alles super.

Angenehm und lecker.

Sehr angenehmer Whisky. Kaum kratziger Geschmack. Die Moltebeeren kommen dezent durch. Angenehm in der Nase. Wieder ein guter Whisky von Mackmyra. Gleich noch eine zweite Flasche besorgt.

Christophe Astori
Muddus tasting

A very nice bottle as always.
A very well balanced whisky with a length in the mouth, I love it. 👌🏻

Atze Osinga

I have tasted many whisky's from Scotland, Ireland, Japan and other countries. Also from Mackmyra.
But I was very, very enthusiastic tasting MUDDUS.
You should know that I, with my wife visit Sweden/Scandinavia every year since 1976. Drinking MUDDUS I can dream that I walk in the Swedish wilderness picking cloudberries. Wonderfully.

Great introduction to Mackmyra Reserve

Great online video call with tasting. Matthew guided us through the world of Mackmyra. To be strongly recommended.

Ufuk - Turkey
soft drink, great flavors

Incredibly enjoyable and comfortable. The flavors left on the palate accompany me with pleasure. whiskey farming that could become a true classic. I can drink all the time..

Thomas T.
Das Jagdglück - Passt wie die Faust auf Auge

Einer meiner Lieblinge von Mackmyra; leider nicht mehr direkt im Handel. Meine Bekannten hatten mir aber mal eine Flasche direkt aus Schweden mitgebracht. Toll im Geschmack. Sehr angenehme Süße, Kompott von dunklen Beeren. Lecker. Kam auch bei den Damen im Bekanntenkreis sehr gut an.

Mack by Mackmyra
Olivier CHOCAT

J'en consomme et j'en offre...

Karin Ekström

En fantastisk 60-årspresent! Så god och mångbottnad smak!
Blev bjuden av Mattias T och vidarebefordrade önskemålet till familjen ;)

Very smooth

For a 46% malt it is extremely smooth. Its storage in three different barrels doesn't give as much flavour as you might expect, which is a little disappointing but it is very drinkable.

A great whisky

A nice warming flavour on these cold winter evenings. A subtle aroma which is really brought out with a healthy dose of ice or some whisky stones. As with all of Mackmyra's offerings it really hits the spot.

Bert Prins
Strong and subtle

During a discovery-session of the Stjärnrök Whisky all the participants agreed that however firm, the taste was exceptionally subtle.

Svensk Rök Amerikansk Ek
James MacDonald
Amazing smoky whisky

Love this whisky. Think it's not being made now, so torn between keeping it and just enjoying it while I can. Will probably do the latter and just enjoy it!

My most treasured bottle

After sampling some tasting sets from Mackmyra, and the great video sessions that went with them, the Brukswhisky DLX became my first full size bottle.

The whole experience, from opening the premium quality box, the unique metal label, and the weight of the stopper made this a luxury experience before pouring a dram, but make sure you do pour because the refined taste and balanced bouquet is something like no other, a masterpiece in single malt.

After drinking around half of the bottle I looked to see about purchasing another (as they are limited batch) and alas they were out of stock - fast forward a few months and more bottles have been release from the 1999 bottles. I strongly recommend you get a bottle while you can.

john cruijsberg
the best ever

Stjarnrok is the best whisky on the planet.

Ilkka Launonen

Fantastic vhisky!


Really enjoying this. Going to more and try others. Great

Tolles Tasting

Es war ein sehr interessantes Tasting mit vielen wissenswerten Informationen und tollem Austausch. Vielen Dank, Axel. Ich warte noch sehnsüchtig auf die Auslieferung der Flaschen meines ersten 30-Liter Fässchens. Nach dem Verkosten des Smoky/American Oak Samples kann ich mir gut vorstellen ein weiteres Fässchen zu ordern

Classic Online Tasting Set
Samo Marinc

I loved Mackmyra whiskies before so it was a no brainer for me. Discounted price for core range samples + the newest Limousin Oak sample AND a nosing glass. Perfect

Garten Tasting

Wir haben die vier Whiskys im Garten bei Vogelgeschwitscher und Blätterrauschen genießen können.
In der Runde war neben dem Repräsentanten ein echter Liebhaber von Mackmyra dabei. Dementsprechend gab es neben den vier guten Geschmacksrichtungen auch viele weitere, begeisterte Informationen.

Es hat riesig Spaß gemacht! Vielen Dank!

Classic Online Tasting Set
Melvin ten Klooster
Great experience

First off, the bottles were filled quite generously, second i was realy surprised by the range of flavours and the craftsmanship in those whiskey's, and third, i have to taste them all again cause i dont know wich one im gonna buy

Intelligens AI:02
Andi Mihai
The algorithm worked!

I have some history with single malt whiskies. Usually i go by recommendations and from time to time i try something new, out of the blue. Just based on reviews and marketing offers.
As i was in a well known whisky pub in Bucharest and chatting with random people i learnt about Intelligens. As an IT professional and AI passionate i said i would give it a try. It’s a matter of taste and personal prefferences but this one amazed me.
It’s peated, which i really like. Maybe a bit strong however you always can add water to your taste.
If you do not wash the glass and smell it the next day you’ll understand what a single malt means. The smell and the bouquet is still there and immediately reminds you about the whisky you served a night before. Your senses will activate in a second and you’ll feel the need to add a bit of whisky to your morning coffee :)
Congrats to Mackmyra for being bold enough and use AI for this label! I like it a lot and i recommend it!